What in the actual fuck?

Some questions are better left unanswered.

What blockchain does the MOIST token exist on?

Algorand… and now bridged to Ethereum!

Why isn’t the creator/dev doxxed?

No sane person would doxx themselves to a project called Moist Grannies!

Professional reputation aside, being undoxxed also allows for beefing scammers without getting harassed in real life.

What kind of community does Moist Grannies have?

Moist Grannies is the uncensored underworld of Algorand, harboring a rich collection of developers, rug detectives, trolls, and shitcoin enthusiasts.

Do you need help with your Algorand project?
Wondering if a certain token is a rug?
Looking for the next shitcoin launch?
Are you banned from everywhere else?

If so, Moist Grannies Discord may be the place for you!

How can I contact the dev team?

The sole developer of the project, Inioch, is most active on Discord.

Alternatively, please send all email enquiries to info@moist.lol.

But what if I dislike responsible degeneracy and quality shitposting?

This project is not for you.