It’s been quite the ride since the token’s creation on May 27th 2022, with highs well beyond what was thought possible – and also some epic fails! Let’s take an in-depth look at what’s happened so far, both good and bad, followed by a glimpse at what the future has in store:


– Creator personal bag reduced to 1.45% of total supply (1B/69B tokens), blacklisted from receiving staking rewards

– Community Goals wallet allocated 10% of total supply (6.9B/69B tokens), blacklisted from receiving staking rewards, usage to be determined by community (currently 6.77% remaining as of June 2023)
     – 0.5% of total supply per month is now being allocated to Cometa staking pools (monthly renewals subject to approval via community vote)

– All dev-controlled LP locked until April 20th, 2069 via Tinylock

– 59.25% of total supply (approx 40B/69B) sent to AlgoFaucet to fund the following holding rewards for the foreseeable future (55.85% remaining as of April 8th 2023):
     – 42.0% APR for LP token holders (min qty 1), sent daily at 4:20PM (EST)
     – 6.9% APY for $MOIST token holders (min qty 6.9M), sent daily at 4:20PM (EST)

– Token listed and logo uploaded to all major platforms (VestigeTinymanPactAlgofiHumbleSwap)

– Verified by Pera and AlgoExplorer

– Liquidity spread over 30+ pools created by community.

Price Action

– Over 100K transactions!

– Over 450 holders!

– Volatile price movement with recent ATH during bear market

– Enough TVL to appear on Vestige front page (min. 25k+ ALGO TVL requirement)

The Moist

– Official rap music video!

– Successful collaborations with other projects (some even reputable!)

– Featured on Algorand Casino

– Featured on ButtHeads NFTs

The Dry

– Rise and Fall of The Shitcoin Alliance

     – Shoutout to remaining allies:
          – Buttcoin
           roobies / ruggies
     – Honourable mention:
          – Xoge (kind of its own thing)

     – Traitors:
           Heart Surgery Token (rugpull)
          – Viagra Token (rugpull)
          – Ol Dirty Bitcoin (ghosted)
          – The Mexican National Peso (rugpull)

– Many knockoffs/scams/pretenders lol
     – Moist Mommies
     – Moist Daddy
     – moist grannies v1.1
     – Moist Coochies
     – Granny’s Farts
     – Rock Hard Gramps
     – Grannies Butt
     + more probably

– Discord game development difficulties
     – early access demo for LP holders had many bugs
     – freelancer developer has ghosted
     – currently trying to use ChatGPT to troubleshoot/complete the code

– Some painful early whale exits, gg

The Ugly (Website & Social Media)

– averaging approx. 1000 monthly unique visitors (primarily from Canada/USA)
– 44 malicious attempts blocked lol

– Twitter
– 1000+ followers and growing!
– only blocked by several people!
– Staci knows we exist!

– Discord
– 200+ members and growing!
– mostly a sausage fest so far!

– Youtube
– only 24 subscribers lol

– Reddit
– only 56 members lol

– Facebook
– 118 followers (almost exclusively from Nigeria?)

– Domains secured on both NFD and ANS

– Google search results dominance

2023 Goals

– Set up a governance system for the Community Goals Wallet
     – Update: Community votes currently held in Discord, pending a more elegant solution.

– Dual ASA staking
     – Update: Successful Roobz/Moist liquidity farm on Cometa (ended March 20th 2023) helped establish a strong liquidity pair

– Completion and release of the Discord game
     – Update: Browser/flash game in development instead

– Website revamp
     – Update: You’re looking at it! Here’s the old site for reference.

– Explore additional staking options such as Cometa and Yieldly to further incentivize liquidity
     – Update: As of June 2023, five monthly Cometa pools have been created so far (averaging roughly $15k TVL)

– NFT series to raise funds for token buybacks (to be used to fund above noted additional staking)
     – Update: Community has instead voted to allocate tokens from the Community Goals wallet towards Cometa staking pools. Each monthly pool costs 100 Algo to create, for which funds raised via the NFT series are being allocated (pending monthly community vote for renewal). Additional funds raised to be held by Community Goals wallet, usage to be determined by community vote. 

– Rejuvenate the Shitcoin Alliance and recruit new projects
     – Update: Bill Cosby Coin  & Terminator Token

– More Moist Grannies music (possible collab tracks/mixtapes/album?)

Bridge to Ethereum!
     – Update: 500M tokens have been allocated from Community Wallet, and 1500A converted to ETH for initial liquidity.

– Be moister than ever