In-Wallet Holding Rewards

(Algorand Only)

At 4:20PM (EST) daily, holders automatically receive the following via The Algo Faucet:

     – 42.0% APR for MOIST/ALGO LP token holders (min qty 1)*

     – 6.9% APY for MOIST token holders (min qty 6.9M)

* LP tokens on all major dexes are eligible (Tinyman V1Tinyman V2PactHumbleSwap, Algofi).

– Simply click the dex links above to connect your wallet and add liquidity in order to receive LP tokens.

Governance Rewards

(Algorand Only)

Tinyman V2 LP tokens are eligible to be committed to Algorand Governance.

This allows liquidity providers to collect both Algo Faucet holding rewards as well as governance rewards simultaneously.

Cometa Staking

(Algorand Only)

MOIST tokens can be staked on Cometa to collect a variable yield.

     – 0.5% of total supply is allocated monthly towards Cometa staking rewards pools from the Community Goals wallet. This amount is distributed proportionately to staking participants.

     – Monthly pool renewals are subject to community vote/approval.